Thailand Health Retreats

All You Need to Keep your Mind and Body Healthy

Life can be crazy and with the world and environment changing fast. The added pressure of Family and work commitments, inflation, overcrowding and more and more air pollution. This means its absolutely essential for your health to stop and take some time out. Visiting an affordable Thailand health retreat is a great way to have some ‘me time’. Switching off the digital devices, even for a few hours a day is a great start. A full body detox, and cleanse will reward you with a renewed outlook and some newfound peace of mind.

Thailand is still one of those great destinations that are affordable, safe and friendly to all cultures. However not all Thailand health retreats are the same. Finding the right one for you can be tricky. It is really a matter of knowing what you’d like to achieve and working out a budget. A detox body detox cleanser is much more than weight loss. Pausing your digestive system, flushing out your liver and even giving your jaw a break from chewing. A detox will reward you with huge health benefits. Initially, you’ll lose excess fluids and water weight and clean out your colon. If the detox programme is balanced with light daily exercise, it will assist in the release of toxin stored in your fat cells.

Detox Supplementation

Air Thai Life is the detox and superfood supplements of choice.  Handpicked and manufactured in Thailand, Air Thai Life supplements are served in New Leaf to all the guests. We do not use a big commercial brand supplement with additives in our resort.

First Glance they all look the same

At Thailand health retreats, especially ones on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui you can expect to give yourself a life-changing holiday.  The main objective should be to rejuvenate your body and soul. Health resorts Thailand, like New Leaf Detox Resort, offers personalised detox, weight loss wellness programmes starting from 3 days to 28 days for the full life-changing transformation. Like several Thailand, health retreats New Leaf employs trained professional nutritionists that will guide and support you to achieve your goals.

New Leaf offers an enjoying and inspiring location on the north of Koh Samui with amazing amenities. The rooms are comfortable 3-star accommodations and friendly guests from all over the world. Your stay at the Thailand health retreats will produce only one thing – a holistic experience that will heal your mind and body for the better. Established in 2006, with its brand new premises opened on February 1, 2019, New Leaf Detox truly is one of the leading Thailand health resorts.