Guest Testimonials

Following are some New Leaf Detox Resort guests speaking about their detox weight loss experiences over the past few years. The guests who come to New Leaf and get really good results are the guests who have the right attitude to detox. They arrive with a focus on one thing, to do the programme and get the very best results they can for themselves.  New Leaf founder Air Page says

“Time and time again we see this at New Leaf, the guests with the biggest commitment get the biggest results”

Maurice Amdur – UK

Maurice speaks about weight loss, blood pressure, sugar levels and his excellent 18+ kg weight loss results in the 28 days ‘New Life’ detox program.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Nan and David from the USA

Nan and David arrived very focused and ready to tackle their daily goals. They did amazingly well and it just shows that ‘one day at a time’ is the best way to take on any challenge.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Malcolm Haddock – Abu Dhabi

Malcolm Haddock from Abu Dhabi and his Detox Testimonial

In March/April 2015 I visited New Leaf Detox for the third time in three years. I stayed for eleven nights

I’m now no longer focused exclusively on weight loss, I now enjoy just giving my body a rest from the usual work/weekend routine. Saying that I did still shed 9 kg!

Yet again the staff at New Leaf excelled at making me feel at home. Their positive, friendly and very personable approach is one that I have not experienced anywhere else. For me, it really is like going back to stay with close friends but only to return home looking five years younger.

Their simple, yet very effective, approach to detox makes fasting very, very easy. I never hesitate to recommend New Leaf to friends and colleagues. I can vouch for their programme unreservedly and although I don’t really need or want to lose much more weight I’ll probably go back for my fourth visit next year. I’ll be booking again soon!

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Angele & Alexis – Canada

Angele and Alexis from Canada with their New Leaf Detox Testimonial

First of all, I want to thank you all from the depth of my heart for the life-changing experience & education and genuine care & generous hearts, you all gave to Alexis, my Daughter & I. Your program & the results exceeded our expectations.

Not only physically but even more importantly Physiologically. Being stripped down to a very raw centre to rebuild is something I completely recommend to all my friends & family. Clearly, everyone needs a proper cleanse, and all that it encompasses. I know this is not even possible staying at home and trying to do on your own.

Being at New Leaf, in the careful hands of your entire educated & nurturing staff has given the life changes for a lifetime full of potential. Great health forever & a ripple effect on our entire family & friends.

Everyone I know wants to go to New Leaf for this, experience. We feel so very blessed that we were able to be with you for the 21-day program! The results are so much more than the huge weight loss, improved fitness level, clear skin, bright eyes, and clean body! It’s a pure joy and excitement & hope for a full, healthy and abundant future!

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Jason Bird – Australia

Jason Bird from Australia

I have been detoxing at New Leaf since 2009 and each time I have returned the Detox program just gets better and better. This time in 2018 it was for just for 7 days and it exceeded my expectations!

The team are great and whenever I have had any concerns or questions on the resort or the program, I’ve just let them know directly and they have taken care and handled them as soon as possible.

The detox program combined with the daily yoga, massage and exercise again delivered the results I’m looking for in that I feel cleaner, re-energized and get that glow by the end of the stay.

For myself; the best part is the program reinforced each time all the good habits to keep a healthy lifestyle when I leave the resort, as they are part of the education during the program. This included having supplements available to purchase which I took away to continue to feel great.

To Air and your team… Thank you and see you soon again 🙂

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Nic Wainwright – Hong Kong

Nic Wainwright from Hong Kong and her Detox Testimonial

Living in Hong Kong isn’t the healthiest – the pollution, long hours, socialising can all take their toll.

I thoroughly recommend New Leaf Detox as a great retreat to cleanse your system mind and body. The staff all embody the amazing Thai hospitality and service, nothing is too much. I will keep coming back 🙂

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Karine and Ken Low – Malaysia

Karine and Ken Low from Malaysia and their Detox Testimonial

I had my first detox programme here with my husband and we really enjoyed our stay. The staff here are very helpful, supportive and always so motivating. Thanks to Air, Robin, KP and the rest of the staff for the motivation.

Both of my husband and I were quite sceptical about doing a detox at first and have no knowledge about it. After we joined this programme, it was amazing. We got to meet people from other countries and make friends. It was really tough the first day but somehow we get used to it the following day and day after.

The morning walk is challenging for us since we did not really exercise back in our country due to busy schedules. We can manage to walk 10-12 km during our stays here and it’s really an achievement for us. We just love the tasty soup/juice recipes that Air has created for this programme, which makes detox meals so enjoyable.

During our programme, we managed to lose weight healthily and lose inches on our body within 7 days of detox. Most important is both of us learned a lot about nutritious food and the importance of choosing the right food for our daily meals.

Lastly, we will like to thank Air for the wonderful programme. We will definitely come again next year for our yearly detox.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Rick Stephen – Singapore

Rick Stephen from Singapore with his New Leaf Detox Weight Loss Testimonial

I have been to New Leaf three times now and already planning to go back in 2019 to the new resort in Maenam. The Lamai detox set up is not one of your 5-star hotels, but that is not why you are there, the set up is for people to detox in a group environment or alone, but to share with other is great and work out together is part of the package.

Air, KP and the whole team make you feel relaxed and no pressure as we are all built differently.

Some do the program, and some do extra, it is all up to you. Don’t deviate away from the program if you think you know better, remember why are you there then.

I strongly recommend New Leaf and not just for weight loss, but skin toning and generally getting your health back on track.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Helen Maynard – UK

Helen Maynard from the UK and her Detox Weight Loss New Leaf Testimonial

I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to visit your resort. I came away feeling like a million dollars. I don’t think anyone appreciates the changes in themselves however it was so noticeable in watching the transformation in others, and I then guessed well it must be happening to me also.

The atmosphere and the leadership is brilliant. The guests are always made to feel important, the staff are there in the background, ready to provide assistance when required and always with a friendly smile.

I wouldn’t like to single any one of them out as they are all brilliant. It’s my intention to return next year and I have already started my New Leaf savings account.

To anyone reading this review, you are obviously seriously considering visiting a detox resort. New Leaf is a 3 Star Resort, the service is 5 Star, everything is catered for, from the pickup, drop off at the airport, to the daily laundry service. Go on, book and go and do it.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person)

Kelly Hsieh – Taiwan

Kelly Hsieh from Taiwan shares her personal detox weight loss experience and testimonial of New Leaf Detox

I signed up for the 14 day ‘Phoenix’ detox in need of a diet and exercise change. I was skeptical signing up for my first detox program but never regret it since. Throughout the program, I met great people from around the world, felt rejuvenated, and physically felt like I turned a new leaf around the 7th day.

I love the variety of fresh juices and stocky vegetables soup and you enough energy to workout and lose weight. I would probably do it once a year for my own health sake. It’s a great program if you take advantage of it.

The days go by really fast. If I can do it, you can do it, too. The staffs are wonderful. Ask Air and the staff if you have any questions, they are so great =)

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person).

Effie Young – Canada

Effie Young from Canada and her personal detox weight loss testimonial

I’ve really come to love the people here and believe I will stay friends with many. First I’d like to point out that I did my homework. New Leaf has the best detox program on the island. You also have to remember that going through a detox is not an easy thing to do. But with the support of the staff and the desire to get healthy, you can and will change your life. I did the 28 day detox.

The special part of this place is that everyone is detoxing right along with you. You are also detoxing emotionally which I was not prepared for.

I went from tears to days of non-stop laughter and then irritation at the drop of a dime. I wanted to go home the first week and now I don’t want to leave… So come with an open mind and leave the expectations at home. A special shout out to Robin (always smiling), Charlie, KP and Air. It’s been a fantastic journey into the new year.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Julie Hudson – Fiji

What a fantastic experience! I signed up for the twenty one day program and ended up extending for two additional days. I went there for weight loss, but learned so much more about the overall wellness that a specialty resort of this caliber can provide. I lost 10kg while at the resort and I have continued to drop the weight after returning home thanks to Air’s fantastic cooking lessons and recipes. I look great, I feel great all thanks to the wonderful staff and program at New Leaf.

You don’t starve, you don’t feel hungry! Beautiful fruit smoothies for breakfast and lunch and more soup that I could eat for dinner along with your health supplements.

You are not in a boot camp. you are free to roam around the town, go to the beach, shop and even take in a show! I met the most amazing people while on the program. Oh, and…. how great is this; I am no longer on my blood pressure medication with my new diet and weight loss. My husband is so proud of my accomplishments. I would go back in a heartbeat!

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

Stuart Deeks – New Zealand

Stuart Deeks from New Zealand and his personal detox weight loss testimonial

I completed the 28 day detox in 2012 then I returned again in 2014, 2016 and 2018. I had the time of my life every time I go there. My blood work improved by what can only be described as miraculous amounts and blood sugar from pre diabetic to normal. I got to understand how to care for my Liver too.

For me after 4 months I’ve put back only 2 kgs and my blood work remains perfect. The resort itself is basic but completely adequate even for a five star junky like me. The people though… Can you give 6 out of 5?

Let me be clear this place changed my life. I loved it in all respects and will be back every year. Four months later not a day goes by without someone commenting on how well I look. Thank you New Leaf!

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person).