Gerson Therapy and Coffee Colema

Gerson Coffee Colema Therapy offered at New Leaf Detox Thailand

Here at New Leaf Detox Resort in Thailand, we often get questions about the benefits of the coffee colema, also known as a coffee enema. How it is affiliated with Gerson Therapy. To help current, past and future guests of New Leaf Detox Resort, we would like to take the time to further explain the benefits coffee colema and why we have specifically chosen to include it in our detox programs.

What is Gerson Therapy?

Gerson Therapy is a natural, holistic treatment that was developed by Dr Max Gerson in the 1930s. Initially, he procured this treatment to help him manage his own migraines. From there, he perfected the treatment so that people with degenerative illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes could take advantage of it. Through daily juicing, raw foods, lightly cooked vegetables, coffee colemas and supplements, Gerson Therapy activates the body’s ability to heal itself.

This therapy takes a whole body and mind healing approach and reactivates the body’s ability to heal itself. This in a sense is always there but is usually blocked or hindered because of unhealthy habits and poor dietary choices. Over time, and with no damaging side effects, the body boosts the immune system. From there, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and allergies can start to reverse and heal.

Why Coffee Colemas?

During any juice detox, the body starts to rebuild the immune system and regenerate cells. At this time, toxins are released into the bloodstream, which places stress on the liver. The liver is a primary organ that sifts and flushes toxins out of the body. Upon this sudden influx, the liver can go into overdrive and hold an excessive amount of serum toxins. The coffee colema will increase the filtering in the liver and help this vital organ to release this toxic buildup.

When the coffee is introduced into the colon, it stimulates the visceral nervous system and promotes peristalsis as well as the removal of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). Acting as a form of “dialysis of blood across the gut wall”, this stimulation can last for up to 12 minutes, or as long as the coffee is held. It is occurring because every 3 minutes, the blood passes through the liver and cleanses the organ each time.

Why is Coffee Used?

Dr Gerson found numerous positive effects of coffee colemas during juice fasting. By introducing specialized detox coffee into the colon, person fasting will receive the following physiological effects:

  • The body’s blood and bile will become diluted.
  • Major compounds in the coffee will dilate the blood vessels and decrease inflammation in the gut. The coffee will also enhance glutathione S-transferase that will then begin to remove toxins from the blood serum.
  • The reduction in blood serum toxins will eliminate any challenges in the body to repair overly damaged normal cells (i.e. macromolecules).
  • The potassium cell count will improve while reducing high sodium levels.
  • Swelling of the cells will decrease by improving water structuring.
  • A healthy, vital cell mitochondria count will multiply.
  • Micronutrients will be supplied to cells for energy production and damage repair.

For anyone who is trying to cope with or overcome an acute or chronic issue, including degenerative disease, the low blood serum toxin levels as a result of the coffee colema, will be beneficial. Moreover, it is necessary and by doing so, the integrity of the cell tissue will become stronger, the blood circulation will be better, immunity will be boosted, tissues will be repaired and cells will be regenerated. These, albeit impressive results, have been witnessed by professionals and observed in clinical settings. That said the coffee colema is absolutely vital to Gerson Therapy and any detox program.

Why Aren’t Colonics Part of the New Leaf Detox Program

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You may be wondering why our detox resort on Koh Samui, Thailand does not offer colonic irrigation Actually we do but they aren’t apart of the daily program. Simply put, colonics do not serve the same purpose as the coffee colema. A colonic is used to cleanse the bowel of a waste buildup and obstructions do within. Whereas, coffee colemas are specifically used to increase the capacity of detoxification in the liver. Moreover, specific compounds in the coffee will aid in the dilation of the bile ducts thereby, increasing the flow of the bile. After which, peristalsis, or muscle contractions, will increase and help to empty out the bowel.

When a colonic and a colema are used at the same time, they can be harmful and depleting to the body. However, there are a few instances in which a colonic could be considered before beginning the detox program. These are when there is a long history of constipation, IBS, leaky gut, polyps, colitis and diverted colitis. It should be noted that this is not absolutely necessary but would allow the bowel to become decongested and further the benefits of the daily coffee colemas at the resort.

Ultimately, once a detox and weight loss program has begun, only the coffee colema should be used. Included in the program will be an immense amount of fibre while the intestines will be producing friendly bacteria in the gut. This means you do not have to worry about any microbial imbalance in the digestive system. However, at New Leaf Detox Resort, we provide you with a special probiotic to ensure you will have been growing a healthy garden of flora in your gut.

Take Part in a Detox and Weight Loss Program in Thailand

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If you are unable to attend our detox resort in Thailand but would like to receive the incredible benefits of a coffee colema in the comfort of your own home, be sure to take a look at doing it yourself Colema Kit from Air Thai Life.