Fertility Cleanse – Getting Pregnant After a Juice Detox

Fertility Cleanse: Getting Pregnant After a Juice Detox at New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand

Detox Cleansing for Fertility

You may be familiar with juice cleansing, or detox.  Maybe you associate it with cleansing the colon or getting rid of a toxin build up and while it may seem relatively new. Detoxing the body has been done for thousands of years. In fact, it can be found mentioned in texts or pictures from Native America, China, India and Egypt. A detox program can help to keep the body and mind healthy. Moreover, it can be one of the best ways to increase fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy.

In an average day, you are coming into contact with thousands of different chemicals including adulterated food. Many of these can change hormones, damage DNA and cause detrimental health effects to yourself and an unborn baby. Cleansing the body before trying to get pregnant can enhance fertility and harbour a balanced environment that aids in the growth and development of the fetus.

Toxins Can Lead to Infertility or Difficulty to Conceive

A detox cleanse for fertility helps to eliminate harmful toxins that have accumulated throughout the body over a number of years. These toxins are a result of pollution, stress, medication, household chemicals, synthetic hormones found in meat, birth control pills, processed/packaged foods, plastics, heavy metals like aluminium, microwaves, age, alcohol and a number of other things we all come into contact with on a daily basis. Toxin overload can hinder the reproductive system, menstruation as well as kidney and liver functioning.

After years of using these products, the liver becomes over saturated and overworked. As this persists, the liver is unable to process all the toxins in the body; therefore, they become stored in other organs including the uterus, ovaries, glands, muscles, fat, tissues and blood. When they are carried in the blood they become further distributed in other parts of the body leading to more toxicity. These can only be eliminated through a fertility detox program.

What is a Fertility Detox Cleanse?

At New Leaf, our detox programs are designed for a number of different issues including fertility. Cleanses like these will help to loosen up and eliminate toxins from your body. Your liver and uterus will also be detoxified and cleansed of stagnant blood. Circulation of the uterus will also improve. As a whole, this will allow the body to relax and put less strain or effort on getting rid of toxins and other harmful debris thereby preparing the body for a successful, healthy pregnancy.

Is the Fertility Detox Safe?

In general, there is no risk to do a fertility detox. However, if you have any preliminary health issues or are taking certain medication, you can always consult with your doctor. When you do a fertility detox at New Leaf Detox Resort, you will be monitored and supported by our team of staff members. This will further help you to relax and better clean your body because you can feel safe in knowing there are people who care. The Benefits of a Fertility Cleanse A fertility detox program will help you to clean the body, balance the hormones, improve circulation in the reproductive system and prepare the body for a healthy conception.

Apart from that, fertility cleanses will save you the stress, time, cost and even extra toxins of fertility drugs and special treatments. In addition to this, performing a fertility detox program at New Leaf Detox Resort will give you the opportunity to determine whether or not parasites could be an underlying issue; this is especially vital if you are already having trouble conceiving. Other benefits of natural fertility cleanse include:

  • Detox and cleanses the liver and kidneys.
  • Eliminates excess and balances hormones that are related to fertility.
  • Removes old blood, clots and debris in the liver.
  • Relieves inflammation in the reproductive organs.
  • Promotes healthy bladder functioning.
  • Reduces yeast and urinary infections.

Cleansing the Uterus is Important Irregular periods, ovarian cysts, stagnant blood and old uterine cells can lead to problems including infertility, miscarriage and painful labours. After a detox for fertility, your uterus will be at a state that allows for precise embryo implantation and a healthy placenta growth during the pregnancy. In the actual childbirth, a cleansed uterus will make way for balanced uterine contractions. Ultimately, preparing your body for pregnancy with a detox can make your labour easier and even less painful because your uterus is cleaner and stronger.

Should You Do a Detox Program for Fertility?

You may wonder whether or not you should do a fertility cleanse to help you to conceive, while anyone can benefit from this detox, there are some women who should definitely consider this. If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions, you should do a fertility detox.

  1. Do you experience extreme PMS?
  2. Do you often get sick?
  3. Do you experience frequent mood swings or depression?
  4. Are your energy levels unstable causing you to feel tired and fatigued?
  5. Do you suffer from a lot of bloating and water retention?
  6. Do you have any liver spots?
  7. Do you often feel a sharp pain on the right side of your body?
  8. Have you taken birth control for a long period of time?
  9. Have your periods ever stopped and then started again?
  10. Do you have endometriosis, a uterine disorder, ovarian cysts, or another reproductive issue?
  11. Do you get constipated or have IBS?
  12. Do you feel you don’t get a lot of nutrients through natural food like fruits and vegetables?
  13. Are you overweight?
  14. Do you suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol?

Cleansing for Fertility at New Leaf Detox Resort

Detoxing for Fertility at New Leaf Detox Resort Your fertility, your partner’s health and the health of your future child is influenced by your own lifestyle. This is especially true in the months following up to conception. If you are serious about bringing a new life into this world, you should consider cleansing your body first. Apart from promoting fertility, this will set the foundation for a healthy, normal pregnancy, clean breast milk and a lower chance of suffering from postpartum depression.

Since 2006  we have been running a successful detox and weight loss resort, we have seen an increasing number of clients looking to enhance their fertility or overcome fertility problems. Thus far, we have seen a positive effect on the results after both men and women complete one of our detox programs in Thailand.

If you would like to know more about our detox and weight loss programs on the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui, please contact us today.