Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation at New Leaf Detox Resort Ko Samui Thailand.
New Leaf Detox Resort’s Colonic Treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation is a safe and necessary detox process of cleaning and detoxifying the colon and large intestine without the use of drugs. The Colonic methods introduce filtered, and temperature regulated water into the colon. This process loosens and softens stubborn waste evacuating it through natural peristalsis.

During a colonic session, the water is slowly released into the colon several times. New Leaf subscribes to the Gerson treatment of organic coffee solution, which is added halfway through a session. Coffee is a gentle way of assisting the waste and any parasites to release from the colon wall.

I had some apprehension doing my first one, but this quickly disappeared once I understood the process.  I was able to set myself up, get some assistance from the Nurse who occasionally came into the room and massaged my stomach. However, for most of the treatment, I preferred to be by myself. There is a hand lever where you can operate the flow of water.

‘I have found doing a monthly colonic to be a fantastic, refreshing treatment’

Colonic Treatment Solutions at New Leaf Detox Resort Thailand.
Solutions Used in Colonics.

A Great Preventative

Colon Hydrotherapy is not considered to be a complete curative solution. However, it does assist the body to fight several diseases. A toxic bowel can result in many health problems from colon cancer to skin irritations from stored toxins absorbing into a person’s system. Colonic Irrigation flushes out the stored mucus and blocked feces. The feces and mucus is prevented from being absorbed in the colon wall and redistributed into different body organs. Regular colonics with a balanced high fibre diet will prevent many diseases and assist in regular, daily bowel movements.

Law requires a trained Nurse in Thailand and many other Countries to perform a colonic. New Leaf Detox has an on-site qualified and Registered Nurse to assist guests with our own brand new Colonic machine.

Pre-bookings are required. Outside guests not staying in New Leaf can also use the New Leaf Day Detox Facility.

Colon Hydrotherapy Prices:

1 x Treatment is Thai Baht 2,900
3 x Treatment is Thai Baht 8,100
5 x Treatment is Thai Baht 12,500

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