A Positive Approach to Detox

A positive approach to detox can help you get the best results from your detox visit.

New Leaf Detox Resort Bike ToursMany people suffer from poor self-image and low self-esteem throughout their lives. Poor self-image doesn’t happen overnight and in many cases is learnt behaviour from parents or close family friends, teachers, coaches and peers. These images turn into beliefs and then shape our attitudes towards the world. These beliefs and attitudes get regularly reinforced by all forms of media often to the point where we just believe, on some level, we can’t change. The fact is we can change…anything. It takes time, focus and the correct information. A lot of deep-seated belief systems won’t be change with detox but your attitude towards how you feel and think about yourself can. It’s a great start and can give you the confidence to identify and tackle any ‘bigger’ issues you might have.

This article isn’t going to discuss motivation as there is a lot of good information on motivation online. What we want to consider here is our approach and preparation for change. Get excited! This is exciting; you have decided to change and get healthier, address some of the issues you have been thinking about…possibly for years. Think big while you take that first step and prepare for a successful detox vacation.

For the sake of this post when we use the term ‘detox’ we’re referring to the New Leaf Detox approach which is loading the body with nutrition through fresh fruit and vegetable juices, soups and smoothies, superfood and detox supplements and light exercise while using the Gerson Therapy daily coffee colema and yoga. We believe this to be one of the most effective ways for sustained weight loss, fitness and energy. Our attitude toward an upcoming detox can be vital to the outcome of the results.

Here are five things essential to detox success:

1. Preparation

When thinking about preparation we think about what to eat before we arrive. However preparing your mind is just as important, if not more important. Getting your life in order at home before you leave and making your stay stress free is another essential ingredient to a successful detox stay. Many guests arrive with their digital devices and get straight to video conferencing and working. While we understand life doesn’t stop when you detox, disconnecting for more extended periods of the day can have significant benefits to the outcome of your stay. Let people know you are going away, set up auto-responders for your emails. Every time I get an auto-responder from someone I’m trying to email I immediately lower my expectations of an immediate answer from them knowing they are on vacation. This also takes any pressure off you to answer everything in ‘real time’. Relax, a relaxed body will release more toxins and generate better detox weight loss results.

Preparing your body can guarantee the best start to any detox fasting effort. Cutting out all dairy and fatty, oily foods and cutting down on wheat and grain foods and sugars five days before arrival will make the transition to a liquid detox diet almost seamless. “Eat Light on the Flight” is what we say.

2. Realistic Expectation

We all hear, read and see huge weight loss numbers and incredible health results from different programmes and resorts around the world. We too have a guest results page where there are some of our amazing, dedicated guests who gave it 100% and reaped the rewards. However, many factors will determine how successful your detox weight loss results will be. Age, current weight, sex, how long you have been overweight, whether you exercise, whether you have previously used, where you live, height, mobility, whether you are on medications, what types of drugs and other factors all add to an individual’s results. Most importantly being positive and remember, when you see another guests get ‘bigger results, faster’ be happy for them, your results will come, we are all different.

Have realistic expectations.  Speak with our staff at New Leaf and they’ll be honest with you about what you can achieve. Of course, your effort during your stay can significantly impact your results. New Leaf is one of the few detox resorts in the world that has the volume of activities on offer. We believe it is essential in the detoxing process as you lose the excess body fat that you are tightening up your body and toning your muscle groups with light exercise. Additional Personal Training sessions, boxing and other cardio can increase and sustain your metabolic rate allowing your body to burn more fat. However, we recommend you to discuss this with staff as burnout and injury can occur if energy stores are not correctly managed.

3. Be Open Minded

There is so much misinformation on the Internet about every subject known to man and plenty on detox, fasting, weight loss and fitness. Many guests arrived entirely educated on these subjects, some have visited other detox facilities and had pre-expectations. At New Leaf, we have developed our programme since 2006. We have a very successful formula that gets, usually, excellent results for all our guests. Being open to the programme is essential to success. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions; please do, we are very transparent about what we use and why we use it. As many people know we own and run our detox and superfood supplement Company called Air Thai Life (named after our founder)http://www.Airthailife.com and we use all these products in our programme. All ingredients are available on results. We believe it is essential that you develop some education while you are with us which will help you in making choices in the future.

4. Stay Focused During Your Detox

Many people arrive at the detox resort with the best intentions only to be derailed by other guests directly or indirectly. Personalities can get in the way. Simply put, there might be some guests we have nothing in common with, we might find them stubborn, we might disagree with their opinions. That’s fine, but it’s essential to remember why you have come to detox. Stay focused on your goals, down get bogged down in silly conversations. It happens, we have seen some guests get so off track and go home with half the results they could have achieved if they had just followed the programme and been open. As our founder says “A 28 day (or shorter) is a snapshot in a person’s life. However, it can set them on a life-changing path.”

5. Plan For Success – Going Home

New Leaf Detox Morning WalkFor a lot of guests going home is a scary proposition. Will I regain all the weight? Can I keep up the great results I have from New Leaf? What can I do to stay on track? – The answer is, have a plan. The great Football player Pele summed it up in three words “Everything is Practice” Develop a schedule and stick to it. Treat it like ‘Just for today’ commit each morning when you wake up to do some exercise. Roll out of bed and do ten push-ups and ten sit-ups or whatever you can manage. By the end of the week, you have done a total of 70 of each, 70 more than the week before. It all helps. Take the stairs where you can, maybe not ten floors unless you are up to the task however where ever possible to do a few extra steps, do them.

‘We Want You to Succeed’

We love seeing guests go through amazing transformations. There is no better feeling for us at New Leaf. We do want everyone who chooses to come to us to get the very best experience they can. You don’t have to do the New Leaf exercise regimen at home, be realistic and develop your environment around your goals. A staff member can help you with this. Visit our programme page and read about everything that is included in the packages and contact us when you are ready to make the change.

Remember – positive energy attracts positive energy. Good luck, be positive and thanks for reading. KP – New Leaf Detox Resort