28 Days – Kevin’s Experience

Kevin came to New Leaf with a lot of determination and dedication. He was not only after weight loss but a whole new outlook upon life. Like everyone, he had some obstacles to deal with. However, he was ready to face them in the 28-day program. Although New Leaf Detox Resort is not rehab, we understand that people from all around the world come here to cleanse their physical body as well as, heal from emotional or mental struggles. With a team dedicated to looking after each and every guest, we welcomed Kevin with open arms.

Here is his story:

Why did you choose to come to New Leaf?

Actually, New Leaf was not my initial choice. I had previously attended another detox facility in Thailand, however, I learned there was a recent change of ownership so I decided to explore more options. I had been to Koh Samui on previous occasions and felt that the location would lead to a successful experience. So, I began my research online and New Leaf Detox Center stood out. My next step was to search for online reviews from past guests. What I found were some very good reviews from guests that had returned to New Leaf multiple times. Repeat customers are often a sign of a well-run program, so, here I am.

What goals did you have in mind from the 28 Day program?

My goals were different than most guests that take on the 28-day program. Yes, the weight loss potential is a very attractive reason, however, my goals went beyond only weight loss. By the way, today is day 28 for me and I did my final weigh in this morning. I lost a total of 10.8 kilos. My initial weight was 78.6 kilos at 5’8 and today was 67.80. That surpassed my expectations for the weight loss, so, I am pleasantly surprised. The primary reason for my stay here was to restore my health. We all have good intentions to do the right things, eat healthily, stay hydrated, exercise, create time for rest and balance, however, often times life just gets in the way. I needed a structured environment that was conducive to focusing on getting well, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I found all that and more at New Leaf. Sometimes we all need to step out of our lives, leave our normal routines and just focus on what it is that we really need to do to restore that balance, that serenity and that focus. The past 28 days has given me the opportunity to reflect. If I were to get nothing else out of my time here, I know that I will be leaving with a new and refreshed perspective on my life.

While at New Leaf, did you find yourself facing any challenges? If so, what?

Air the founder of New Leaf with Kevin and Program Director Danielle

Again, my situation may be slightly different than most. So, what I am about to say does not really correlate with other clients challenges. My main challenge was adjusting to a life without alcohol. I have been a heavy drinker for all of my adult life, a good part of the past 30 years. The long-term drinking had begun to take a serious effect on my health. My liver finally said, okay that is enough. So, I made a decision to take back control of my life, my health and my happiness. Today is day 41 of my sobriety and it is only the beginning. I stopped drinking 13 days prior to my arrival at New Leaf and added 28 days ‘New Life’ programme here. I am certain that at the beginning of my stay here, I was not the easiest person to deal with. I was very edgy, anxious and irritable. The staff, however, were very patient and understanding throughout this adjustment period. One of the staff members even offered to sit down with me one on one at any time if I needed to talk, that was certainly much appreciated.

Throughout the initial challenge of abstaining from alcohol, I stuck with the program. I focused on my morning walks, took all my supplements, did the water aerobics, colemas, massage, yin yoga, etc.. I stayed focused on what lies ahead of me. A life, a life without dependence on alcohol, and in turn my liver had begun rewarding me. The weekly liver flushes (4 over 4 weeks) have really made a difference, my energy levels have increased, my focus and clarity are coming back, my sleeping patterns have improved, my balance and serenity are now within reach. I will stop talking now, this is becoming an advertisement for a successful rehab program and that is not what detoxing our bodies is all about. The short answer would be that we are all going to face our own challenges here, whether you do a 3, 5, 7,10, 14 or 28-day program. You just have to reach down and focus on what lies ahead of you. A result that will take you to a better place.

What did you like most about the program?

What I liked most about the program was the structured environment. I hesitate to use the word structured because the program is really designed to provide us, the guests with the tools and the knowledge necessary to create our own structure and boundaries. It provides us with the ability to ask the right questions, to educate ourselves on how and what to eat, what supplements we should be taking, how to mix food groups. It shows us the importance of incorporating exercise and hydration into our daily lives. In the end, it provides us with the ability to create our own structure. I for one lacked the discipline needed to take that first step. This environment provided me with those tools.

Your 28 days is nearly complete, what do you feel you got out of it?

A good suntan. What I will take away from this program is the confidence to know that I can make the necessary changes in my life and the ability to incorporate them into my daily routine. I exceeded my weight loss expectations and I was able to abstain from alcohol for an additional 28 days. Kevin did an amazing job with losing weight in a healthy environment and maintained sobriety. We hope his story will inspire other people to restore their health and start to feel amazing!

When back home, what changes do you plan on implementing in your daily routine?

While here at the program, it is very easy for all of us to say that we are going to make changes in our daily routines. Returning to our home life can be a different reality. My hopes are that when I do leave Thailand and return to my home in the USA, that I will be able to stay committed to a sober life and a life that incorporates much of what I have experienced here over the past 28 days. I know that I will continue my morning walks, followed by a healthy breakfast. Hydration and supplements have always been a very important part of my daily routine. The additions that I will incorporate will be a more nutritional diet and a focus on balance and serenity. Yoga and meditation could be welcome additions. See some of our other amazing guests and their achievements.

Kevin O, Naples, Florida, USA