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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic Irrigation at New Leaf Detox Resort Ko Samui Thailand.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation is a safe and necessary detox process of cleaning and detoxifying the colon and large intestine without the use of drugs. The Colonic methods introduce filtered, and temperature regulated water into the colon. This process loosens and softens stubborn waste evacuating it through natural peristalsis. During a colonic session, the water is slowly released into [….]

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Detox Benefits Of Far-Infrared Saunas

New Leaf Detox Thailand and one it its two far-infrared saunas.

Many cultures around the world have used the sauna for thousands of years as a method of promoting detoxification and reducing stress. Long before traditional or infrared saunas existed, sweat lodges or “hot air baths” were heated with rocks, water, and other materials to create similar effects. Ancient Chinese and Ayurveda medicine throughout India, Sri Lanka and Native Americans used [….]

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Sun All Day – Designed That Way!

The Resort swimming pool. That amazing area where thousands of movies scenes have been shot. Photos were taken and deals are done. Relaxation had, drinking, eating and tans gained. Arguably, the swimming pool is the main focal point for most Hotels and Resort around the world. A resort swimming pool can never be too big, can it? How many times [….]

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Dirt To Detox

Development story of New Leaf Detox Resort Maenam Beach Koh Samui Thailand.

The idea for a purpose-built new detox resort was discussed as early as 2012. However, Management at New Leaf seriously started searching for a new venue around 2014. Political changes in Thailand scared off one investor we had at the table, delaying the project for another three years. Finally, in 2017, after finding an old distressed Resort through a friend [….]

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Healthy Alcohol – Red Wine

Photo of Japanese Knotweed

Now there’s an oxymoron of sorts. The title probably should be ‘healthier alcohol’. Without a doubt one of the most popular questions we get asked in a detox, usually on the morning walk, often by new arrivals. Guests want to know what they can drink and enjoy with the least amount of impact on their weight and health. Once again [….]

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You Can’t Out Juice Self Abuse

Photo of a donut

There seems to be this myth that a person can abuse their bodies and then juice themselves back to awesomeness. While this in part is true, prolonged self-abuse of anything, including food will have long-term consequences.  This article looks at ways we can avoid the yo-yo effect of weight gain, as we attempt to dive into the deep dark world [….]

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