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Preparing for a juice fasting detox can be quite straightforward. Air Thai Life is the brand from our founder, Air Page and the products we use at New Leaf. All our supplements are organic and low-temperature processing. Taking Super Fiber Cleanse Psyllium Seed Husk is a great way to prepare for your fasting. Psyllium will expand in water 25 times the amount you use so it will fill your stomach and because its fibre it will start cleaning out your system and get you ready for a detox.

Complete Detox Cleanse Thin Air is a blend of Thailand weight loss and other herbs to assist you before, during and after detox. Add this pack to your cart at least 14 days before your arrival to New Leaf to detox. You can start even a few days before your fast. It all helps your process, and then you can use what you have left when you return home from New Leaf.

Tips for Better Detox Preparation

Air Thai Life detox, weight loss and superfood supplements used in New Leaf Detox Thailand

There are several foods to cut down on leading up to your detox. These are fatty, oily foods, dairy and wheat products. Try and eat salads and fruit salads on the plane to Thailand and reduce the size of your meals. Juice fasting at New Leaf is easier than you might think. Because of the juice, smoothies, soups and supplements, you won’t feel hungry. Cutting down on fatty foods will assist your transition into the program.

You can read more here in our blog post Preparing Your Body for Detox.

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