Personal Fitness Training for Levels

photo of a New Leaf Detox Resort personal trainer and guests in the PT studio on Koh Samui Thailand

A great way to lose those extra kilos is with Personal Fitness Training. The New Leaf experienced trainers will teach you how to exercising for weight loss and improve metabolic rate. We teach ‘high impact interval training sessions” or HIITS. This is very effective and can be done at home without expensive equipment.

The New Leaf training produces what is known as ‘afterburn training’ ABT. ABT increases heart rate and metabolism so you burn for several hours after your session.

Additional herbal supplementation can be provided such as Super Cissus for muscle recovery and plant-based Protein which we produce.

Thailand Detox Retreat New Leaf Detox and the GymAt New Leaf, we use our on-site Personal Training studio or our partner gym called Ultra Bodies. We can also arrange private bicycle training and longer walking or jogging sessions.

Our trainers are experienced Triathletes, Cyclists and Fitness experts so you’ll be in safe hands. Regardless of your experience, everyone can benefit from this type of training.

The Sensible Balance

photo of New Leaf Detox Resort owners KP and Air Page doing HIITS trainingtrainingWe believe the additional personal fitness training can assist with not only excess weight loss but changing habits. While light exercise is essential for muscle toning and maintenance it isn’t everything. Nutrition and Exercise, as we have written about is more like an 80/20 Rule, 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

You can’t out train bad nutrition

Maintaining your healthy weight and fitness is a combination and sensible balance of nutrition and exercise. Often I get asked ‘Can I Exercise While Detoxing?. We believe through a nutritional and light exercise plan anyone has the ability to improve well after their Detox.

Book your personal fitness training sessions with your detox or contact us for more information today.

฿1,000.00 THB