Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is available while you detox at New Leaf Detox Koh Samui ThailandDue to the superior and affordable dentistry in Thailand, we are now affiliated with several local Dentists on Samui. We can arrange appointments for laser teeth whitening and teeth cleaning. We can arrange other dental work such as filling removal and replacements, crowns and caps and teeth implants.

Many of our guests take advantage of the quality and costs of Dentistry in Thailand. Some guests do major work while doing a detox. 99% of all dental procedures will not affect your detox fasting.

If you require more detailed dental procedures you may need to book in advance of your stay with us.

Add this to your cart even if you aren’t sure, this will just let us know you ‘might’ be interested and we can chat with you about it when you arrive.

฿9,500.00 THB