Koh Samui, Thailand

Welcome to New Leaf Resort

New Leaf is a Thailand Detox Weight Loss and Wellness Resort.

New Leaf Resort Koh Samui Thailand.  Photo of 25 meter pool and main building.
25 meter saltwater pool and main building.

We are the only Thailand Resort that is 100% focused on weight loss and total body wellness. No fads, No fake diets, No false claims. There are no restaurants to distract or derail you from your mission. No confusing programmes, just one dedicated weight loss, fitness and health programme that has given us International recognition since 2006 as one of Asia’s best Health Resorts.

In 2017 we acquired a beautiful 6.8 rai (2.7 acres) of flat coconut grove on Maenam beach. February 2019 construction was completed, and New Leaf relocated to beautiful Maenam beach on the detox holiday Island of Koh Samui Thailand.

New Leaf Resort Thailand and the Standard Bungalow room.
The Most Popular Standard Bungalow.

Our purpose built detox health and wellness retreat offers unbeatable quality and value on all detox packages.

You can read about the journey of our new Resort development here – Dirt to Detox

Air Page - Owner at New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand.

Great Value Package

Detox Inclusions:

  • Free Arrival Night
  • Free ‘FAST’ WiFi in Room & Resort
  • Free Koh Samui Airport Transfers
  • All Detox Juices, Smoothies and Soups, Supplements and Teas
  • Daily Guided Walks, Aqua, Yoga and Midday Classes
  • Daily Traditional Thai or Oil Massage
  • Daily Self-Administered Coffee Colema
  • Colonic Machine (Optional Fee)
  • Daily Far-Infrared Sauna and Herbal Steam Room
  • Daily Use of Gym (Cardio and Free Weights)
  • Liver Flush (1 per week. Stays 7 days or more)
  • Daily Parasite Zapper Use

Room and Bungalows Include:

  • King or Queen Bed (anti mites and bugs)
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Netflix Enabled Smart & Cable TV
  • Serviced Daily
  • Fast Secure Wifi
  • 24 Hour CCTV & Security
  • Safe, Fire Extinguisher & Torch
  • Desk (workspace) and Chair
  • Refrigerator (stocked with water)
  • Balcony and Chair

Spa Services

Colon Hydrotherapy at New Leaf Detox Resort Thailand.

Detox Service

New Leaf Spa offers Colonic Hydrotherapy with our brand new state of the art Machines. Our trained detox Nurse will support you through your whole process.

Clinic Service

Intravenous Therapy available in our licensed clinic. Rehydrate, Refresh and Recharge with high dose vitamin cocktails.

New Leaf Detox Resort Medical Spa Service

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Healthy Weight Loss

Icon for New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand.With an international reputation as being one of the best results driven weight loss detox retreats, New Leaf has hosted guests from over 30 countries.

We have taken into consideration language barriers and have New Leaf Detox staff members who speak English, Thai, Hindi, French, Russian and Mandarin.

An active detox weight loss holiday is not only about losing weight quickly, and it should be something that lasts. All detox programs at our weight loss resort in Thailand developed with health and nutrition in mind.

New Leaf Detox Resort Thailand and the Staff.
Our Amazing Caring and Supportive Staff.

Professionally qualified staff members will show you how to improve your eating while getting you started on some exciting fitness activities. These guided activities will help you to maintain a healthy weight and feel amazing. We want you to succeed long after your juice fasting holiday has come to an end.

Here are some tips to get the best from your detox weight loss holiday. The complete 3-28 day detox weight loss packages are available here.

Air Thai Life

Air Thai Life icon of Air Page brand owner.Our founder Sirinya ‘Air’ Page started her line of herbal detox, superfood and other supplements in 2012 called Air Thai Life. “There wasn’t anything at the time that was suitable and sustainable as far as reliable brands and suppliers so we started sourcing our own with our friend Scott,” says Air.

Air Thai Life icon of Air Page brand owner.Air Thai Life has over 20 products, used in New Leaf and the guest’s rooms. “it’s important to our program to give the guests the best possible results. We do this by supplying everything they consume. This allows us to guarantee results by controlling the quality of what they consume” said Air.

One of the vast differences between New Leaf and other detox resorts is we make sure the guests consume quality. Nothing from supermarkets or big brand department stores, we prefer, fresh, organic and local where we can.

A favourite Air Thai Life products to support any detox programme is the Super Weight Loss Plus 95, which is Lotus Leaf based.

A Typical Day at New Leaf

Read our blog post on how a typical day is scheduled at New Leaf Detox Resort and what you can expect. Nothing is compulsory but we suggest you try everything at least once. All activities are guided by trained and certified Staff. A Typical Day.

A Simple Programme

Beautiful gardens and grounds of New Leaf Detox Resort Koh Samui Thailand.New Leaf makes sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in one of our detox weight loss and wellness programs. We aim to suit all time frames and budgets.

All inclusive detox weight loss packages range from 3 days to a 28-day package. Every single cleansing programme is all-inclusive and to get you settled in; your first night is completely free.

As a detox retreat, we not only focus on weight loss but also fitness exercise and overall wellness. Throughout the day, you’ll take part in several types of guided group activities. These activities include guided walks, yoga, aqua aerobics, gym, Thai boxing and more.

Furthermore, If you are looking for more personalised training and extra activities, we have put together several extras for any detox programs. All our guides are professionally trained and certified.

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Quality and Value

A Deluxe Bungalow at New Leaf Detox Resort Thailand.Remember, not all detox resorts offer the same quality and value. They might seem similar at first glance, however, compare what you are getting for your money. There is a big difference and ‘you do get what you pay for’.

Cheap detox resorts water down juices, offer very little or no activities and use inexperienced workers. Besides, It’s your body, and you need to give it the very best you can on your detox weight loss holiday.

If you require any additional information on the new New Leaf Detox Resort on the beautiful beach in Maenam, please Contact Us or visit our Detox Packages Here.